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Classic TV
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The Adventures of Sir Lancelot | Season 1, Episode 1
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Topics: The Adventures of Sir Lancelot, Action, Adventure, 1950s, Classic TV
Classic TV
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A bank robber with a love for cooking pulls of a daring bank heist. Will he get away with it? This episode comes from Gangbusters 1952 run when it aired every other week.
Topics: Classic TV, Gang Busters, Police
The Video Cellar Collection
by Paul Nickell
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Season 2 Episode 41 Original Air Date 19 June 1950 CAST Robert Sterling Charles Korvin Virginia Gilmore Richard Purdy Ann Shoemaker Harry Cooke Marion Scanlon Robert Emhardt James Coots Butch Cavell Contains original Westinghouse Ads with Betty Furness
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Topics: Classic TV, Studio One
Classic TV
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Ten "Gang Busters!" episodes: The Boilat-Fiaschetti case (1954), The Graham Dennis case (1955), The Karpis case (1955), The Herbert Noble case (1955), The Mendoro case (1955), The John Dillinger case (1955), The O'Dell-Griffin case (1954), The Phantom case (1955), The Unholy Three case (1955), The Van Meter case (1955).
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Topics: Classic TV, Gang Busters!, 1950's Television, Crime, Crime Drama, Criminal, Criminals
Classic TV uploaded by HappySwordsman
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An episode of "The Lone Ranger" from 1949. Not the first, but one of the earliest US network shows produced on film. Originally aired 6 October 1949 (note: this is a syndication print).
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Topics: Classic TV, Television, 1940s TV, 1940s Television, Western, The Lone Ranger, Tonto, Early...